Lauren Echo X Capitol Reef

The Captivating Essence of the Outdoors

About Lauren Echo

Lauren Echo is a creative human that lives on the road with her partner, dog, and gecko. She’s always been involved with the arts whether it was dance, ceramics, or painting. Growing up there was a big emphasis on being outside, movement and respecting the Earth. As her love for the outdoors grew, natural colors and elements started to pour over into her creative pursuits. In 2019, her friend pushed her to start sharing her digital art on Instagram and it led to her first artist collaboration with Lucy and Yak. Four years later, she’s still creating and is supporting herself with her creative business. She specializes in surface design, pattern design, and mural installations..

Adventure fuels her creativity and her Capitol Reef illustration is no exception. Last fall she was exploring Utah’s national parks while working on a film crew. They had stopped in Capitol Reef to shoot at sunset and came across the most beautiful view of the canyons. As the sky turned soft and colorful, the red rock started to reflect the same hues as the sky. She took some reference photos and that moment was later turned into the Capitol Reef illustration featured on our newest Artist Edition blanket.You can find Lauren’s work on Instagram and her website. If you’re interested in collaborating with Lauren, you can reach out via email (