VOITED Artist Studio x Oriana Poindexter with Reef Check

Limited Edition Kelp Print in Collaboration

"I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to share my work in a new, practical way with Voited. As a Voited Blanket, it will be able to visit so many spaces that art doesn't usually have the chance to go. Part of my goal in creating these artworks is to open space for people to have conversations about marine issues, so this collaboration with Voited and Reef Check is an awesome way to get people talking and thinking about the giant kelp forests, the marine environment, and the issues they face."

About Oriana

Dive into the captivating world of marine artistry with Oriana Poindexter, an interdisciplinary artist, scientist, and surfer hailing from the shores of San Diego, California. With an unwavering passion for the ocean, Oriana's journey has led her from the waves to the laboratory and behind the lens, where she captures the essence of underwater beauty. Oriana's groundbreaking cyanotype artistry brings to life the intricate details of the giant kelp forests, seamlessly blending her emotional connection with the ocean and her scientific prowess. Her cyanotype technique involves placing segments of giant kelp onto photosensitive surfaces, resulting in striking dark-blue prints that not only reflect the beauty of marine life but also record crucial environmental data. Her partnership with VOITED brings this stunning marine art to life, inspiring people to protect the ocean and support marine conservation.

About KELP

Introducing the VOITED x Oriana Poindexter collaboration, a convergence of art and conservation centred around the majestic giant kelp forests. Oriana's life-sized cyanotype masterpiece, capturing the dynamism of the underwater kelp forest, finds its expression on the REPREVE® Our Ocean™ fabric. This blanket, available in both Ripstop and CloudTouch® versions, not only envelops you in comfort but also spreads awareness about Reef Check's mission for the long-term health of rocky reefs and kelp ecosystems. Crafted from REPREVE® Our Ocean™ fabric, sourced from plastic bottles collected near coastlines lacking proper waste systems, the KELP Blanket symbolises the sustainable transformation of marine preservation. With each blanket purchased, a donation goes directly to supporting Reef Check's vital initiatives, making every embrace of this blanket a conscious step toward safeguarding our oceans.